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NUS Business Module Review: MNO3701 / MNO2302 Human Capital Management

Learning Contribution: 20%
Individual Assignment: 25%
Group Presentation: 25%
Finals: 30%

Quite a fluff mod, though you really got to study the content to do well for finals. Like there is a different between good and bad fluff.

Learning contribution is basically class participation in class. Just speak something legit in class every week can already.

Individual assignment is quite easy, pick an article and comment on it using content taught in class.

Group presentation was alright, though the groups formed are huge so its harder to coordinate with everyone. A lot of exchange kids this class, bell curve is not steep at all and probably will be able to do well.

Finals is 2 essay questions, max of 2 pages per question, need to study for it so you can answer the question based on how the prof wants it.

Expected grade: A
Actual grade: A-

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NUS Module Review: SE2218 Changing Economic Landscape Of Southeast Asia

Class Participation and Forum: 20%
Class Presentation: 25%
Individual Response Paper: 25%
Research Paper: 30%

Very chill mod by a super chill prof. A lot of the students here are exchange students, the bell curve is not steep at all. I didn’t go for all but the first of his lecture. Content for all submissions can be researched online.

Just reply all his forum questions to get the full marks for class participation.

Class presentation question is selected on week 1, he is really generous with the scoring, i got A+.

Individual response paper and research paper questions can be based on anything related to this module which means it can literally be any question under the universe.

He is super lenient in the marking as well. This module is the definition of chill. Highly recommend you to take it if you have a SU to spare and maybe if you do well, you won’t even need to use it.

Expected grade: A
Actual grade: B+

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NUS Business Module Review: DOS4811 / DSC4215 Data Visualization

Class Participation: 10%
Individual and Group Assignments: 40%
Mid Terms: 20%
Final Group Project: 30%

Very heavy workload and content module. After all its a 4k mod. Class part dont need to talk, everyone will almost always get the same score.

The individual assignment is broken down into 3 parts: 3%, 7% and 15%. All of which are different assignments with different requirements. The last 15% is group assignment. All of them takes some time, read carefully into the requirement so you know exactly what the prof wants.

Mid terms is though. 85% of the cohort failed mid terms. I got 9.5/20 and i am top 15 percentile already. His questions are very practical and not really based on what he teach. Focus more on the application of what is taught in class.

Final group project is based on any topic the group decides to do. Focus on using the data effectively and presenting it in ways he taught and beyond that. As mentioned earlier, content is quite heavy and workload is heavy as well. But we get to learn tableau which might be useful in the future.

Expected grade: A
Actual grade: A

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NUS Business Module Review: DBA3803 / DSC3216 Predictive Analytics in Business

4 x Assignments: 20%
2 x Quiz: 30%
Team Project: 40%
Class Participation: 10%

The assignments are extremely well guided by the prof. Like the instructions to getting the answers are within the assignments themselves. The prof even allows for people to discuss the assignments together as long as you state them in your submission.

The quizzes are not hard but tricky, loads of people will make careless mistakes. Everything tested in the quiz is taught in class so just pay attention.

For group project, he is looking for the extensiveness of research, find a project has value and depth and try to use as many methods to find good solutions, he looks at the effort.

Class participation is probably based on impression, many people don’t speak in class so its super easy to stand out in this class.

Expected grade: A
Actual grade: A

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NUS Business Module Review: DOS4812 / DSC4216 Business Driven Technology

Personal Learning Essay: 30%
Class Discussion/Essay: 10%
Final Group Project: 60%

This is the most useless DSC mod i ever taken. The prof cannot teach. The content he teaches is outdated. He held a lot of high ranking positions in companies previously and currently he is still holding some of these positions. But when it comes to teaching and bringing good content and value to the class: he cmi. He brings you to NLB because last time he is some director there but actually the technology used there is so cmi.

Personal learning essay is basically what you learnt from the entire module. Why do we need to write a summary of what we learnt for you to read when you are teaching the class? Help la.

Class discussion is basically attendance and maybe speaking up in class.

Group project is the lamest. Can pick any topic. You can put in so much effort to research on the topic and come up with the most innovative solution but if his outdated thoughts cannot keep up with your research, he isnt going to understand and that also means you wont be getting a good grade. Its a super slack module but its hard to grasp what he wants exactly in order to do well.

Expected grade: A-/B+
Actual grade: B

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NUS Module Review: GEK2044 / AR2225 Reading Visual Images

2 x Quiz: 30%
Tutorial Performance: 20%
Term Paper: 50%

Easy mod. Basically just go for lecture, the prof will explain and analyse all the images during the lecture itself and these images will appear during the quizzes. If you dont go for lecture, you will not know what is happening during the quiz itself. I took this module, preparing to su it.

The quizzes have 6 images each, you have 5min to explain and analyse each of these images. All of the images will appear in the lectures. You just need to study about 70 images per quiz and them vomit them out during the quiz.

Tutorial performance is basically presentation during tutorial. Get everything off google, loads of educated people have analysed these images before already so just get a spin off their explanation.

The term paper is more technical. Requires a lot of research and detailed analysis. Though i was planning to su the mode, i put in quite a lot of effort to make sure my paper was decent, turns out to be way better than decent.

Expected grade: prepared to SU
Actual grade: A

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NUS Business Module Review: BSP2005 Asian Business Environments

Pre-lecture Assessments: 25%
In-lecture Polls: 5%
Group Presentation: 20%
Tutorial and Lecture Participation: 20%
Finals: 30%

Fluff mod, ang moh prof with a lot of work experience but cannot teach la bro. Most people don’t know what the prof is teaching also. Assessments just ask around and discuss before submitting, should be able to get full marks.

Turn up for lecture or at least get your friends to help you do the polls so you get the 5%.

Group presentation is the standard kind of presentation in nus, almost everyone will get the same score throughout the cohort.

Class participation is quite competitive during tutorial so try to speak as early in the tutorial as possible.

Finals is very content heavy. You need to study in order to do well. Basically, memorize as much as possible and then vomit everything during finals. Consists of mcq and structured answers.

Expected gradeA-
Actual grade: A-

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NUS Module Review: EC2104 Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis

Tutorial Attendance: 10%
Tutorial Participation: 10%
Mid Terms: 30%
Finals: 50%

Very very math based. Which is why a lot of engin students have preclusion to this mod. Which is great for biz students who love math. If you take h2 math before and enjoyed it, you will excel in this mod.

Tutorial participation just try to present your tutorial answers in class every week if possible, will get full marks.

Mid terms for my sem was hard, must study and make sure you time yourself during practices! Both mid terms and finals are mcq but its those kind need to do quite a bit of workings to get answer one.

Finals need to study also, content is heavier than mid terms. Overall, easy for math lovers.

Expected grade: A+
Actual grade: A+

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NUS Business Module Review: DOS4714/DSC4211G Service Design

Homework and Cases: 25%
Quizzes: 15%
In-class Exercises: 10%
Group Project: 40%
Participation: 10%

Content heavy module. Good prof with practical and realistic project. You get to work with mbs for the group project, a total of 3 project submissions with the final submission and presentation to mbs staff themselves.

There are quizzes almost every week in class, but not hard at all.

Participation is based on impression and attendance so speak up in class. There are about 3 homework/cases during the sem which are not too hard either.

Everything is really manageable except that there are stuff to do every week. The requirements for the projects are pretty demanding so start early!

Expected grade: A-
Actual grade: A-

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