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NUS Business Module Review: FIN3702 / FIN3102 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

Group Project: 25%
Ethics Quiz: 5%
Class Participation: 10%
Midterms: 30%
Finals: 30%

One of the 3 compulsory modules for FIN specialisation. This module builds off FIN3101. It covers topics such as portfolio allocation between risky and risk-free assets, security allocation, bond immunisation, asset pricing theory and derivatives. This is one of the mods where I learnt the most about investing.

Group project is interesting. As with FIN3101, the project questions can be pretty broad. In order to score, your recommendations ought to be more interesting. You can find different project reports to refer to in our package! Ethics is pretty standard. You can get access to our test bank and easily secure yourself that 5%! Midterms and Finals are all MCQ. We provide a range of past year papers and tutorial questions in our notes which is a total lifesaver!

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NUS Business Module Review: FIN3701 / FIN3101 Corporate Finance

Class Participation: 12%
Case Study: 26% (20% from main report and 6% from critique)
Tutorial Assignments: 12%
Midterm: 20%
Finals: 30%

This is one of the 3 compulsory modules for FIN specialization. It basically builds off FIN2004, covering essential corporate finance topics that are very useful to your personal and corporate life!

Overall, the workload is on the heavier side. To get that A, make sure you speak up every lesson and nail the class part since it’s the easiest. As for the case study, you may refer to our past projects and take reference on writing the report. FYI –  your prof will definitely not guide you enough on financial modelling (due to time constraints) so good to reference off past projects for better understanding. Tutorial assignments and answers are also provided to help you secure that 12%. Midterms and finals will also be tricky so make sure to attempt the practice papers provided in our package!

Expected grade: A
Actual grade: A-

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