About Us

Some of you must have landed up here looking for module reviews, while others are looking for module materials or simply a helping hand in assignments. As seniors who graduated from back in 2018, we figured it would be great to share our thoughts on the modules we have taken throughout our undergrad life.

200+ reviews on Carousell over the past 4 years, I guess you can say our notes are pretty credible!

Back in my undergrad days, my peers and I would scramble to find module notes and content, just so that we will be better prepared for the upcoming semester. “I got notes lah!” from anyone in the team gives the cue to heave a sign of relief: we are saved for the semester.

End game after 4 years. This shows that notes are really important!

Fast forward to 2020, a few of us have banded together, with a goal of creating a platform that would serve more than just a single school community. This is how http://igotnoteslah.com/// came about. We aim to benefit a wider audience: reaching out to other faculties and other universities in Singapore. All these while keeping our services essential: to review modules, share module materials and to provide assistance to assignments & projects.

Click around and explore our webpage. If anything interests you, do hit us up and we will be more than willing to assist you!