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NTU Business Review, Full Courseware Package & Module Bundle

Our Bachelor of Business programme is a rigorous and broad-based three-year direct honours programme that will help you gain a global perspective and critical and analytical skills.
Regarded widely as one of the best in Asia, our business degree programme is widely known for its professional orientation and innovative curriculum. Guided by a pragmatic, real-world focus, the programme offers six cutting-edge and industry-relevant specialisations that are continuously updated through interactions with statutory boards such as the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Singapore Accountancy Commission and Enterprise Singapore. There are also regular consultations with leading professional bodies such as the Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute, the UK Institute of Actuaries, and the Singapore Computer Society.

Team-based projects, group presentations and simulation case studies ensure that our graduates will be ready to meet the demands of tomorrow’s complex and dynamic business world. They are highly sought after by the world’s top employers for their analytical acuity and resourceful creativity. They are particularly valued for their adaptability, leadership qualities and the ability to work effectively in a team.

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NTU Business Module Review: BU8201 Business Finance

This course provides non-business and non-accounting students with an overview of the basic theories and practice of Business Finance/Financial Management. Whatever the size of the company and its industry, or the role of the job, understanding of corporate finance is crucial to the success of the individual and the financial viability of the corporation. This is a basic course in finance with emphasis on the major financial decisions made by companies and the valuation of investments made by them. Topics include fundamental concepts of risk and return, time value of money, interest rates, bond and stock valuation, corporate financing choices including techniques for investment analysis (capital budgeting), financing policy (capital structure), and dividend policy.

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NTU Business Review: HY0001 Ethics and Moral Reasoning

Interesting module in my opinion. I learnt about Utilitarianism, Deontology, Virtue Ethics etc. For assignments, I needed to write a 300 word response to questions from one topic that I chose. Afterwards, a 100 word reflection on any student’s response was required. When you are required to submit would be dependent on which group you are assigned to at the start. Workload is okay. I highly recommend finishing this as soon as possible.

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NTU Business Accountancy Accounting Review: BE1401 Business Operations

One of the most challenging but yet one of the most interesting modules, in my opinion. The exam was hard during my year (2013 sem 1).

Biz Ops is about understanding the concepts, especially about queuing time, forecasting, etc. Take the time to read the book and most importantly, UNDERSTAND it.

Exam tips:

Practice makes perfect…Also, do past year exam paper, I guess. Ask your friends for help if you do not understand.

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NTU Business Accountancy Accounting Review: AC1103 Accounting I

Accounting is the language of business. This first accounting course aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills to apply the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (International) (“SFRS(I)”) to recognise, measure, present and disclose assets, liabilities, equity, revenue and expenses in the financial statements.

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NTU Business Accountancy Accounting Review: AB1601 Organizational Behaviour

Organisational Behaviour is a pretty interesting course, but very dry course at the same time. I really really appreciate my Prof., Dr. James Lim, for trying to make each and every lesson interesting and survivable by providing snacks every lesson. Organisational Behaviour talks about frameworks and theories that can be applied to individuals, organisations and teams. From shaping values, attitudes and behaviours to motivating oneself and others and managing conflicts & stress, this module is a course that allowed me to understand human behaviour better.

Creative and Critical Thinking is are assignments that aren’t really related to OB in the sense that they are really on how creative you can get. Be prepared to spend one week on each of them as they need quite some time to come up with ideas or critique holistically.

Team presentation is a group assignment based on case study, where each assigned group will apply what they have learnt on the cases. Fairly easy to complete, but essential to understand the content before jumping into case studies as more often than not, we can apply more than one theory (and usually different people will have different perspectives).

Final examination is open book, but time limit is the key concern. You must know where to find the content that you need and not flip aimlessly throughout your notes. Flag each and every important theory (that’s what I did) to make things clearer, even if it means having 2 rows of flags on the long side of the paper.

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NTU Business Accountancy Accounting Review: AB1501 Marketing

Marketing is an project intensive module, that really requires good group members. I was really blessed to have fantastic group members despite it being randomly assigned. Group members that met up whenever required, contribute whenever required and did all their parts. <3

Experiments/Research Article Critique is basically a 5% components. We are all required to complete either 3 experiments or complete a critique. Most of us would choose the experiments as it is mainly just going to experiments. I believe the critique is a 5-page critique, and that the course coordinator tries to make it dreary in order to encourage more people to do the experiments (as it is helping the professors who are doing researches).

Individual participation are mainly how much you contribute in class, as well as how many times you present in class for tutorials. Tutorial questions are done in groups, and presented in groups. While it is possible to be done alone, group members must be on the same page as it shows obviously when a group member is clueless about what is going on.

Proposal presentation and marketing plans are group projects that spans throughout the entire semester. Hence the importance of responsible group mates once again. It does take quite a number of meetings to get it over and done with, as well as prior to submission, the checking of the lengthy report. However, it is all possible!

Individual reflection paper is basically a 5 page (double-spaced, so 2.5 pages?) reflection paper on the entire module. So it is essential to note down questions that were raised in class during tutorials, as it can be an area for reflection. Do note that different professors have different requirements, so it is best to start only after you know what you are expected to do.

Final examination is open book, but to be honest, I feel that a bible would be more friendly than a textbook. Mainly because the final examination tests on the same few concepts (if you read PYPs). But you have to write at lighting speed to be able to complete the paper.

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NTU Business Review: AB1401 Technological Innovations & Developments

Information Technology is a very dry course for me – very technical stuff on IT such as hardware, software, database design, etc., not really the kind of module that will intrigue me. For the final examination, just make sure you understand the big picture across the topics. They won’t test you on the nitty-gritty details (like asking you to define hardware and all).

Case presentation is a group project, where each group is assigned to a case study with questions that we must answer. Some are related to content that we have learnt, some aren’t. Doesn’t really matter other than the fact that it is graded, as finals content won’t include the cases.

Group project for my seminar group was us finding articles, reading them, summarising them. As a group, we have to make sure our articles are related, and then we have to reflect on what we can learn from these articles.

Excel Quiz is a lab session for my semester (it was hand-written for previous semesters where seniors had to write out the entire formula). The best part is that we were allowed to use the offline Excel help, so it is quite hard to screw this up. Unless you really don’t understand Excel at all. It helped that I did Foundational Excel in the same semester as well.

Final Examination is really on application. Understanding and applying the concepts that we have learnt.

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NTU Business Accountancy Accounting Review: AB1301 Business Law

One of my favorite modules in NBS. Really. My prof was Prof. Harry Tan and his class was always engaging.

I knew there were a lot of people who disliked Prof. Tan because of his method of teaching. He really pushed you to speak up in front of class; and I was really motivated by his way of teaching.

I got A+ for my individual assignment, I participated in class, and I understood the concept VERY well. I always read the chapter before the class so that I could understand the concept better.

This was the only module that I knew I would get A right after I finished the paper, out of my 3 years studying in NBS.

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NTU Business Accountancy Accounting Review: AB1202 Statistics

The primary textbook used is written by Mr Chin himself. I don’t think it’s needed since his lecture notes are condensed and included everything in the textbook. Unless you are interested in reading more in depth about the topic. The breadth of topic is the same.

I attended most of his lectures, which is no easy feat. The only lecture that I didn’t attend was because I have band performance on the same day and I had to go and prep for it. Rather than reading what’s on the slides, he uses the lectures to explain the concepts. That is if we can follow his thought process (also no easy feat). But it’s ok if you can’t understand the reason/derivation behind certain concepts. A little background check: He has a degree in computer science so he loves to play around with using Excel and R. Understanding [Note: not memorise] the concept itself would suffice. It is an open book exam anyway.

For my tutorials, my experience was less than ideal. My tutor was evidently new to the teaching industry. I will give her credits for being optimistic and enthusiastic though but objectively speaking, I didn’t learn much from her. She happened to get the 2 classes that has a cluster of us BCG students, and we love to bombard questions (regardless of class part). Unfortunately, she didn’t manage to tackle the answers to our questions. Again, her effort is noted. I’ve heard that Mr Chin is good tutor though.

Assessments is just some ILE online quizzes and simple excel assessments (where he gives you all the instructions anyway). And he gives out bonus marks for doing some extra survey. So try getting all the marks for assessments.

As for exams, mark my words that open book exams are killer. You really have to understand the question and the relevant concepts to do well. Mr Chin is pretty much the definition of a troll teacher and his papers reflect that. Luckily, all’s good for me surprisingly 😊.

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