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Grammarly Review (2021): Is Grammarly Worth It?

One such innovation that has completely transformed the process of writing is the invention of grammar checking tools. If you are a writer by profession, there is no way you haven’t used or at least heard of grammar checking tools like Grammarly.

Grammarly, in particular, seems to be the most popular name that slips through our tongue whenever grammar checking tools are mentioned. However, is the hype real?

In this article, we will dive deep to study the hype surrounding Grammarly. We will look into its features, what it can do for writers, the issues writers can face while using the tool, whether you can afford it, and how it is compared to other grammar checking tools in the market.

#1) Grammar and Punctuation: It detects basic mistakes and errors in your content like grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors, alliteration, fragmented sentences, comma splices, etc. Not just that, it also explains to the readers why an error is an error in the first place. So it also becomes a mentor that imparts important grammar lessons.

#2) Spell Check: It quickly detects spelling errors, if any. We can attest to its accuracy. It detects errors and allows you to correct spelling with just a click.

#3) Plagiarism: It scans your document for any potential copied content, whether it is intentional or not. It allows you to be on the safer side by providing you important insight into whether any part of your work was plagiarized or not. It then suggests changes.

#4) Writing Style: It acts as your human mentor, by suggesting tips, advice, and suggestions on improving the style of your writing. It provides insights such as readability, sentence length, clarity, etc. to polish your work to near perfection.

With Grammarly Premium, you get to perform an extensive list of checks pertaining to grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, and context.

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