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MasterClass Review (2021): Is MasterClass Worth It?

In preparing for this MasterClass review, I took different courses in writing and other subjects. I found that each course was different in its organization and feel. Some were very tactical in their approach, giving step-by-step actions (Wolfgang Puck’s comes to mind), while others were more theoretical and strategic in nature (Malcolm Gladwell).

At times, this varying style and level of detail was enjoyable. It was as if you entered into each class, not knowing exactly what to expect – but expecting that it would be mind-blowing to some degree. I also respect that through their different styles, it was reflective of the artist and how they wanted to approach their art and deliver their message. deadMau5 didn’t give you steps to creating music but more of the processes, thoughts, and struggle that he faces in delivering his music. Although I found some amazing information in the comments on required software and technical aspects, deadMau5 wasn’t there to talk technical. He was there to teach about his style of art.

But, there were times when I wished some creators would go deeper to show some “how-to” aspects to their art. At one point, R. L. Stine talked about how he researches and plans for a new book. I would have LOVED to see him actually put one of my old faves together. But no. Instead, we breezed over his process.

So, in the end of this MasterClass review, I can say that each class was absolutely worth watching and this makes the all-access pass worth it. It was incredible to have such a candid approach from true masters of their art. But MOST of these courses will not give you the tools to jump right up and implement the lessons if you’re a true beginner. Instead, most are more of a high-level discussion on the art.

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