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NTU Business Review: AB0601 Communication Management Fundamentals

There are lot of bad rumours about how hard Comfund is, but I think we all should really show our Prof that we want to learn and improve.

My prof was Prof Catherine, and I really love her so much. She is kind and has a motherly figure.

My first presentation went badly. I fidgitted quite a lot. I walked forward and backward (showing that I was nervous) and my posture was really bad.

I consulted the Prof and asked for inputs.

So, the tips are:

You need to really take into account what your Prof said. If she likes to have simple powerpoint, then follow. If she likes certain gestures, then use that for your final presentation.

I did just that. I followed everything she said. I also actively participated in class.  I practiced for my final presentation at least one week before the D-Day. Those are the reasons I got A, I think.

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