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NTU Business Accountancy Accounting Review: AB1201 Financial Management

Financial Management is a pre-requisite module for those who are interested in doing Banking & Finance. So it is important to do well, and get a B+ for it for those interested in B&F.

Financial Management is essentially a mathematics based module, with many formulas to apply. However, it is essential to understand the theories, especially the “Time Value of Money”, as it is the foundation for the subsequent chapters.

Format of teaching is us completing the e-lectures, and then completing the tutorial before heading to the 2 hours of seminar each week. There is an online assignment component, which basically counts towards your final grade. As long as you attempt the online assignments, you are given the 5%, regardless of how well/badly you did for the assignment (at least it was like that for my semester).

Case presentation is based on a chapter that you will learn, and applying it to real life contexts. Tutorial presentation is essentially just your group presenting answers for your assigned tutorial.

Mid-Term quiz provides a very good gauge on where you stand – personally in terms of understanding, as well as in the cohort.

Textbook is highly recommended!

The quiz and examination usually have questions that are directed to content found in the textbook and not in the notes. So it is really important to read the textbook when revising for the quiz or examination!

Financial Calculator or Graphic Calculator is a MUST! You need the functions in the calculator to help you calculate the values quickly.

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