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NTU Business Accountancy Accounting Review: AB1202 Statistics

The primary textbook used is written by Mr Chin himself. I don’t think it’s needed since his lecture notes are condensed and included everything in the textbook. Unless you are interested in reading more in depth about the topic. The breadth of topic is the same.

I attended most of his lectures, which is no easy feat. The only lecture that I didn’t attend was because I have band performance on the same day and I had to go and prep for it. Rather than reading what’s on the slides, he uses the lectures to explain the concepts. That is if we can follow his thought process (also no easy feat). But it’s ok if you can’t understand the reason/derivation behind certain concepts. A little background check: He has a degree in computer science so he loves to play around with using Excel and R. Understanding [Note: not memorise] the concept itself would suffice. It is an open book exam anyway.

For my tutorials, my experience was less than ideal. My tutor was evidently new to the teaching industry. I will give her credits for being optimistic and enthusiastic though but objectively speaking, I didn’t learn much from her. She happened to get the 2 classes that has a cluster of us BCG students, and we love to bombard questions (regardless of class part). Unfortunately, she didn’t manage to tackle the answers to our questions. Again, her effort is noted. I’ve heard that Mr Chin is good tutor though.

Assessments is just some ILE online quizzes and simple excel assessments (where he gives you all the instructions anyway). And he gives out bonus marks for doing some extra survey. So try getting all the marks for assessments.

As for exams, mark my words that open book exams are killer. You really have to understand the question and the relevant concepts to do well. Mr Chin is pretty much the definition of a troll teacher and his papers reflect that. Luckily, all’s good for me surprisingly 😊.

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