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NTU Business Review: AB1401 Technological Innovations & Developments

Information Technology is a very dry course for me – very technical stuff on IT such as hardware, software, database design, etc., not really the kind of module that will intrigue me. For the final examination, just make sure you understand the big picture across the topics. They won’t test you on the nitty-gritty details (like asking you to define hardware and all).

Case presentation is a group project, where each group is assigned to a case study with questions that we must answer. Some are related to content that we have learnt, some aren’t. Doesn’t really matter other than the fact that it is graded, as finals content won’t include the cases.

Group project for my seminar group was us finding articles, reading them, summarising them. As a group, we have to make sure our articles are related, and then we have to reflect on what we can learn from these articles.

Excel Quiz is a lab session for my semester (it was hand-written for previous semesters where seniors had to write out the entire formula). The best part is that we were allowed to use the offline Excel help, so it is quite hard to screw this up. Unless you really don’t understand Excel at all. It helped that I did Foundational Excel in the same semester as well.

Final Examination is really on application. Understanding and applying the concepts that we have learnt.

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