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NTU Business Accountancy Accounting Review: AB1501 Marketing

Marketing is an project intensive module, that really requires good group members. I was really blessed to have fantastic group members despite it being randomly assigned. Group members that met up whenever required, contribute whenever required and did all their parts. <3

Experiments/Research Article Critique is basically a 5% components. We are all required to complete either 3 experiments or complete a critique. Most of us would choose the experiments as it is mainly just going to experiments. I believe the critique is a 5-page critique, and that the course coordinator tries to make it dreary in order to encourage more people to do the experiments (as it is helping the professors who are doing researches).

Individual participation are mainly how much you contribute in class, as well as how many times you present in class for tutorials. Tutorial questions are done in groups, and presented in groups. While it is possible to be done alone, group members must be on the same page as it shows obviously when a group member is clueless about what is going on.

Proposal presentation and marketing plans are group projects that spans throughout the entire semester. Hence the importance of responsible group mates once again. It does take quite a number of meetings to get it over and done with, as well as prior to submission, the checking of the lengthy report. However, it is all possible!

Individual reflection paper is basically a 5 page (double-spaced, so 2.5 pages?) reflection paper on the entire module. So it is essential to note down questions that were raised in class during tutorials, as it can be an area for reflection. Do note that different professors have different requirements, so it is best to start only after you know what you are expected to do.

Final examination is open book, but to be honest, I feel that a bible would be more friendly than a textbook. Mainly because the final examination tests on the same few concepts (if you read PYPs). But you have to write at lighting speed to be able to complete the paper.

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