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NTU Business Accountancy Accounting Review: AB1601 Organizational Behaviour

Organisational Behaviour is a pretty interesting course, but very dry course at the same time. I really really appreciate my Prof., Dr. James Lim, for trying to make each and every lesson interesting and survivable by providing snacks every lesson. Organisational Behaviour talks about frameworks and theories that can be applied to individuals, organisations and teams. From shaping values, attitudes and behaviours to motivating oneself and others and managing conflicts & stress, this module is a course that allowed me to understand human behaviour better.

Creative and Critical Thinking is are assignments that aren’t really related to OB in the sense that they are really on how creative you can get. Be prepared to spend one week on each of them as they need quite some time to come up with ideas or critique holistically.

Team presentation is a group assignment based on case study, where each assigned group will apply what they have learnt on the cases. Fairly easy to complete, but essential to understand the content before jumping into case studies as more often than not, we can apply more than one theory (and usually different people will have different perspectives).

Final examination is open book, but time limit is the key concern. You must know where to find the content that you need and not flip aimlessly throughout your notes. Flag each and every important theory (that’s what I did) to make things clearer, even if it means having 2 rows of flags on the long side of the paper.

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