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NTU Computer Engineering Review: CE1003 CZ1003 Introduction to Computational Thinking

2 1-hour lectures and 1 hour tutorial weekly. No attendance taken for lectures and tutorials. 5 fortnight labs, attendance taken (even though I don’t think it is graded). 2 in-lab quizzes (3rd and 5th), and 2 assignments with 1-month deadline. 1 final exam, closed-book.

I think this course is relatively simple if you already have programming experience. 🙂 The difficulty of this course is way lower than C++/Java, so for those non-SCE student, try taking this course if you want to learn some programming in another language. 🙂 I did not spend much time on this course, but still practice is still quite important as different languages have different syntax.

I find composite types the most difficult, that is lists, sets, tuples and dictionaries. References when combined with these data structures can be quite non-intuitive, especially when changing an element in a list can actually affect another list due to referencing problem. So if you are used to C++ and Java programming, this could be a problem. Well again, practice is the key! Other than that, I don’t find other parts particularly difficult. =D

The quizzes and exams do test on concepts, such as identifying the best data structures, the reasoning behind different errors, etc. Thus, it will be good (and relatively simple) to understand those concepts, otherwise you will be smoking through the questions. The quizzes are MCQ, but can be quite tricky sometimes. The assignments are manageable! I spent around 3 hours per assignment, so a 1-month deadline is quite good ya? =P

Recommended as a UE? To those people who like programming, or a beginner to programming, this course is good! =D

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