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NTU Computer Engineering Review: CE1007 CZ1007 Data Structures

Taking up a programming course always delights me because it is something that I am familiar with and if it is a new exposure, in this case C programming language, I will be able to learn the concepts pertaining to the language and then have it added into my skillset section in my resume!

First part of this course relays basic programming concept and those who already have background with programming will find it easy to understand. Second part of this course was when I truly learn a lot – modules such as linked list, binary search trees, stack and queues. These modules are rather foundational and if I had taken Advanced Java Programming during polytechnic, it would have been much easier to visualise these concepts. Of course, part of the modules we were taught here are of “next level” too – the concepts that gave many of us headaches were topics on “passing by reference”, “updating and reading value using pointers”.

Despite all the confusions, taking on this programming language which I had not interacted with before is enjoyable!

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