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NTU Computer Engineering Review: CE2003 Digital Systems

This course aims to develop skills in digital hardware design to meet basic industry expectations. Here, the principles established in CE/CZ1005‚ÄźDigital Logic will be extended to encompass circuits of greater complexity.   These circuits are no longer implemented using multiple discrete logic elements, as presented in CE/CZ1005, but rather use Application Specific Gate Array (ASIC) or Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technologies. Both of these technologies can accommodate circuits of complexity equivalent to many millions of gates.   This course will focus on FPGA technology as it is gaining commercial popularity (due to the cost of ASIC Implementations). The necessary logic and connectivity for both technologies is synthesised by software tools from code written in a Hardware Description Language. As such, this course presents you with circuit design techniques for more advanced systems in a methodical manner based on modern design techniques.

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