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NTU Computer Engineering Review: CE3006 DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS

For this semester (or maybe FROM this semester), this is merged with CE3005 – Computer Networks so a bit of syllabus change. So Prof Luo and Prof Tan both covered first half, and Prof Lee covered 2nd half. Basically it’s the TCP/IP model, moving up from physical layer all the way to application layer. Useful topic. I would say interviewers would ask a fair bit of networking questions (I got a few) so please try your best! First 2 lecturers are… alright. They did do a bit of in-lecture quiz but otherwise yea at least it’s job done anyway. Prof Lee is quite commendable (coming from someone who only watched his lectures 3 days before paper). If you’re time tight, just try to watch the review lecture (like Prof Yu Han, also a nice focused condensation) and then previous weeks lectures just for the in-lecture quiz. That’s fundamentally sufficient revision.

There are 4 labs and you gotta attend and submit stuff so yea. It’s kinda fun though. Btw they’ll change up the questions every sem, adding the fact that they merged CE3005 and CZ3006. (Not exactly, lab 2 was UDP client-server and I could find senior’s code online but basically not all semesters are guaranteed to have this.) It’s idiot-proof for the most part, coming from someone who did not watch lectures diligently and still managed to hand up passable work. No guarantees on difficulty level since it sounds like they want to change it up. If you look past just copying down what the screen shows you, it gives you a better idea on how networking works in practice so that’s kinda cool, as simple as it is.

Finals was a wild ride my my! If my finals indicate anything about the general trend of finals for this new syllabus, my advice would be to revise your tutorial and lab diligently. Lecture notes just makes sure you get the fundamentals but the questions are actually set like tutorial style, I was shooketh! (Needless to say I wasn’t that diligent and lost marks and time as a result.) That being said, you can expect more theory questions in Q2, while the other 3 questions are more towards math and application. If anything, Q3 and Q4 are set like old CE3005 so you know where to practice. Whereas for Q1 and Q2 I would advise to practice both CE3005 and CZ3006 until you start to see the old papers phase out.

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