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NTU Computer Engineering Review: CZ2002 CE2002 Object-Oriented Design & Programming

Another important module my friend! It’s a pre-requisite (co-requisite actually but co-requisites are for CS gods and I’m not one) to Software Engineering so you should aim to internalise it and not just learn for the sake of clearing your core. 

The first half is core OO concepts like Inheritance, Polymorphism. Basic Java syntax will bo covered along the way so it should start off fine. The first lecturer is so-so. For the most part I couldn’t catch what he is saying so I didn’t bother watching recorded lectures. But from what I’ve seen, he doesn’t follow the slides strictly. He’s more likely to code on the go but if you can’t catch what he’s saying then well 💁

The second lecturer is better but talk about a bullet train! He’ll cram 3 chapters in one week and finish everything by week 11 so that we can spend time on the project (I’ll get to that later). This includes learning C++ in 2 lectures (and I don’t. I screwed up that part for finals but will get to that later again). Otherwise, he knows his stuffs and he’ll give you proper answers when you ask him anything via email.

Nothing much to say about tutorials again when my tutor isn’t particularly impressive at teaching and there are uploaded solutions. 

Onto assignment components. The 5% Java quiz is pure giveaway and even the lecturer said it. Just do it before week 2 or something and you’re free to Google and redo however many times to get full marks. So just do it.

The lab is rather intense for just 5%, but that depends on your lab tech. I know there are nice ones out there. Mine wasn’t, she’s definitely one of the more anal ones which can be time-wasting (and she still wants it done before the lab ends wtf! Except for the last lab. She gave up like we did. Just asked us to email her.)

The group project is the second most hectic work I’ve done for this semester (will mention the first in a later part). You only get the work on week 8, coupled with other projects due on week 12/13, and my group are all my BCG friends and we are all dying together. So we got a substantial part of the work done only starting from 48 hours before the deadline. Including not sleeping on the night before submission (a first for me welcome to uni~). And we submitted 5 minutes after the deadline but it’s still the same day and the lab tech is nice and accepted our work as on time~ I am really grateful for my team though! All nice people (that I knew are reliable so our lives are made easier) and I hope we can do well despite the last-minute rush.

Finals was manageable… if you had made consistent effort to keep up. I didn’t and it bit me back really hard. So all fault’s on me I won’t deny. The hard semester was the previous semester, AY17/18 Semester 2 (got a hold of my friend’s paper and the difference in difficulty level is obvious). But I couldn’t capitalise on easier paper IDK what to say. So please don’t underestimate the fact that you need consistent effort on OODP. Not just for your grades. But it’s a fundamental concept in general.

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