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NTU Electrical & Electronic Engineering Review: EE1002 Physics Foundation for Electrical & Electronic Engineering

It’s actually easier than the first sem’s general physics but I really can’t do much. And everyone is just saying it’s not a bad paper etc. Personally, I think this is the hardest paper for me but I suspect most people wont feel this way. For this semester, there’s a 10% lab, 2 quizzes worth 10% each, and a 10% assignment & a 60% finals. And the lab is just a one time thingy, and my partner calculated an entire chunk of question wrongly omg. But I found out only at the end when I was double checking lol but let’s hope it isn’t nothing major to penalise much for =x But ok la, he’s nice haha. The quizzes were on optics and electricity, which I got 3/6 and 4/6 respectively. Doesn’t feel good =x This was the first paper of this sem so I did read through and do some tutorials for this module, but I didn’t do math. (Opposite of last semester) Haiz all the best to me ba. My prof was alright-ish; he was the lecturer for the optics part 🙂 I heard from my friend he didn’t reply his email though; probably too busy or something.

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