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NTU Electrical & Electronic Engineering Review: EE2001 Circuit Analysis

Though it looks simple, but V = IR is not enough to do the calculations here. A lot of times the circuit is more complicated and questions like to ask time-based questions. So have to use laplace transform to solve it, so much easier! On top of that, the KCL and KVL are two very basic but very powerful concepts to solve the complicated questions. Still use it in year 4. Then still remembered I was very confident on question 3 in the exam, finished the paper feeling quite satisfied though question 1 and 2 were really killer. Until left the last 5 mins when I double-checked the paper again then realised that I forgot to draw out part of the circuit on answer booklet as I didn’t see it. But then I couldn’t erase/cancel and redo everything so I left it as it is. In the end gotten a B+.

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