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NTU Electrical & Electronic Engineering Review: EE3011 Modeling and Control

The aim of this course is to serve as an introduction to control system analysis and design. The course discusses pertinent issues related to control systems such as modelling; time and frequency responses of dynamical systems; performance specifications and controller/compensator design. You will develop skills and techniques for tackling practical control system analysis and design problems. This gives you important background for later courses like Process Control, Digital Control, Robotics and Automation, and Power Systems. The knowledge and skills learned in this course are used by professionals in the fields of mechanical, electrical, fluid, chemical, and biomedical engineering to describe and analyse the operation and performance of associated and/or coupled systems. Contents: Introduction; System Modelling; Time Domain Analysis; Stability Analysis; Performance Specifications; PID Controller Design; Root-Locus Analysis; Frequency Response; Bode Plot; Stability Margins; Nyquist Plot and Stability; Lead and Lag Compensation; PID Tuning.

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