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NTU Electrical & Electronic Engineering Review: EE8087 LIVING WITH MATHEMATICS

I’ll just point out some pointers here for references.

– Probably about 8 topics or more (can’t really rmb)

– Project is group-based, 50% of your final grade. You cannot choose your own group, it’s based on the register. If you kena those slackers in your group, GG to you. However, the good thing is there is this Peer Evaluation Form to fill up when you complete the entire project. Mark those slackers down!

-More about the project. Simply you have almost the entire semester to think of what you have to do. You have to come up with an idea on how maths is related in our daily life, and do up a project on it. Content details I can’t recall that much. When the project is due, you have to make a powerpoint presentation, and present to your class. You have to prepare a hard-copy of your project typed out, and a CD-rom with your powerpoint slides and word document for submission. Basically, that’s about it for the project.

-Examination wise, the papers are almost similar to the other years. The format is rather the same, as in the type of questions asked, and the topics as well. I’m not saying all the same topics will come out, but you can expect similar types of questions to appear.

I actually studied for the topics like 3 days before the exams, and I S/U-ed the module and got S. I’m lucky to have a group of cooperative teammates, so I guess getting S is not hard.

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