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NTU Module Review: BT2403 Service Operation Management

Services represent the fastest growing sector of any developed economy. In the United States, this sector is responsible for nearly 75% of GDP and 80% of employment. Similarly, 75% of GDP and 70% of jobs in Singapore are generated by services. This  trend persists in other industrialized nations. Moreover, these figures under‐represent the actual role and significance of services in the economy because many manufacturing firms are increasingly involved in service‐type jobs such as design, distribution, financial planning, customization, and after‐sales services. That said, it is important for any manager or student of management to understand how services differ from manufacturing operations, and how to efficiently and effectively manage service operations. The goals of the course are i) to provide an understanding and appreciation of the service functions of firms, and ii) to understand the fundamental concepts and techniques necessary to succeed in designing and managing service operations.

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