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NTU Module Review: MA1008 Introduction to Computational Thinking

Computational thinking (CT) is a problem solving process with the aid of computer; i.e. formulating a problem and expressing its solution in such a way that a computer can effectively carry it out. It includes a number of characteristics, such as breaking a problem into small and repetitive ordered steps, logically ordering and analyzing data and creating solutions that can be effectively implemented as algorithms running on computer. As such, CT is essential not only to the Computer Science discipline, but also can be used to support problem solving across all disciplines, including math, science, engineering, business, finance and humanities. The aim of this course is hence to take you students with no prior experience of thinking in a computational manner to a point where you can derive simple algorithms and code programs to solve some basic problems in your domain of studies. You will also learn current computer languages, such as Python, for the coding. In addition, the course will include topics on the internal operations of a processor, and raise awareness on the socio-ethical issues arising from the pervasiveness of computing technology.

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