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NTU Module Review: MA2700 Aerospace Materials & Manufacturing Processes

The 10 experiments consist of:E2.1AE Behaviour of Aerospace Frame StructuresE2.2AE Study of fan performance using dimensional analysisE2.3AE Energy balance in compressorE2.4AE Tensile and viscoelastic properties of materialsE2.5AE Two-dimensional strain measurementE2.6AE Frictional losses in pipes and fittingsE2.7AE Real-Time ATC Radar Simulator E2.8AE Non-destructive testingE2.9AE Balancing of rotating massesE2.10AE Torsion of cylindrical shaftsFor the 10 experiments, each student will submit nine log-sheets (on the same day) and one Technical Report (within 1 week).

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