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NTU Module Review: MA3701 Aerodynamics

The course aims to provide you with a fundamental understanding of aerodynamic principles associated with incompressible and compressible flow phenomena, as well as experimental techniques commonly used to study them. Under incompressible flows, you will learn basic potential flow theory for inviscid fluids and flow past 2D aerofoil sections and 3D finite wings. On the other hand, for compressible flows, you will learn about speed of sound and interesting phenomena such oblique shocks and expansion fans, when flow speeds exceed sonic speed. You will also be taught how aerofoil and aircraft sections behave in high subsonic, transonic and supersonic speed regimes, and some of the ways to predict the flow speed and behaviour, with a view to overcome supersonic flight challenges. Lastly, you will also learn about common experimental procedures to better understand and measure aerodynamic flows, and which technique will be appropriate for certain flow scenarios.

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