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NTU Module Review: MA3702 Aircraft Propulsion

P3.1A Failure Analysis of Aircraft ComponentsP3.2A Flight Instrumentation and NavigationP3.3A Design Simulation and Implementation of Electrohydraulic Circuits for an AircraftP3.4A Aerospace Composite Beams and their Flexure BehaviourP3.5A Vibration Measurement and Analysis of Multiple Degrees of Freedom SystemsP3.6A Familiarisation of ATC Tower Operations and Flight SequencingP3.7A Computational AerodynamicsP3.8A Dynamics and Control of 3-DOF HelicopterP3.9A Flow Over an Aerofoil SectionE3.1A Heat ExchangerE3.2A Dynamic Vibration AbsorberE3.3A Vibration of a 2-DOF SystemE3.4A Computer Modelling, Simulation and Control of an Electromechanical SystemE3.5A Control of a DC ServomotorE3.6A Transient Heat Conduction

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