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NTU Module Review: PS8001 Defence Science

The final exam consists of 100 questions (of which many are recycled from previous years papers, so if you somehow have access to previous years papers good for you). I had an exam that ends at 7pm the day before, and I didn’t touch this mod at all until like 8.30pm on 29 Apr. So I only had like 8hrs to study everything. Which actually turn out fine. Just read all the slides, remember a bit here and there (I had some advantage as I know cryptography and those encryption things which was about 1/5 of the paper). I think there are about 10 topics, so about 10 questions from each topic. To pass is 40 marks, and the paper is really not hard at all. Even with my very bad memory and very bad guessing skills, I think I am quite confident of passing.

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