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NUS Business Module Review: ACC1701 / ACC1002 Accounting for Decision Makers

Class Participation: 10%
Group Project: 15%
Group Presentation: 5%
Mid Terms: 20%
Finals: 50%

FA is quite a pain the ass. I studied for it the hardest as compared to the rest of the mods. Its very technical and includes a lot of calculations. There are quite a lot of numbers to remember and u got to save the numbers in your calculator during exams. What i mean is these numbers you get in part a) will be used in like part e) and stuff. So you gotta keep the numbers at your finger tips and add them up together at the end. The most important thing is to balance the balance sheet. Things are easier said than done. If you can balance your sheets for a few questions during exams, you should be safely secured your A.

The semester starts off really easy and slow with very simple accounting and understanding of the module. Things start to get heavy and rolling after recess week- when theres project submission, and presentation. The project try to score full marks because you can discuss the answers with other groups!

In the 2nd half of the semester, content starts to get heavier but if you dont let things snowball, it should still be manageable. The most cheem topic of FA is direct and indirect cash flow and its taught right at the very end of the semester. Which means u have the least time to practice it before finals, so make sure things do not snowball when the times get tough.

For my midterms, it was 30 MCQ in 1 hour. My paper was particularly intense. A lot of calculations to do. Which i felt was good- a hard paper would mean that the bell curve would not be so steep. I did average for midterms only, sad because of careless:(.

Finals is 2 hours with 4 questions and 100 marks. Finals test the entire syllabus. Which includes cash flow which will kill a lot of people already. Handle that well and do your accounting well and you can secure your A. I personally felt i did well because I manage to balance 1 question perfectly. But like what everyone would say- there isn’t enough time to complete the entire paper. I have to agree. I like time constrained papers, that would make the bell curve less steep. But this paper I wasn’t able to complete it too, i left 10 marks blank, sadly- because there was really no time to do!!

Expected grade: B+
Actual grade: A-

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