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NUS Business Module Review: ACC2002 Managerial Accounting

Class Part: 10%
Group Presentation: 15%
4 x Quizzes: 20%
Finals: 55%

Math based mod but less math based than ACC1002. More of level 2000 common sense. Essentially the module is teaching one how to allocate cost. Understanding where and how the cost of a cost object came from. Non-existent class part, no one talks so just participate like 3-4 times the entire semester will be sufficient. Group presentation is based on tutorial questions, pls get everything correct and get full credits for it.

Quizzes are the tricky part. Me being lazy student, i hate doing extra revision unless its for finals. I did my own notes and tutorial to prep for the quizzes. But the quizzes are really different from what is taught in sectionals. I got juiced for the first 2 quizzes and started shitting myself. Then i found out the questions from the quizzes were those from the test banks which can be bought from carousell. Each topic has like 120 questions (which is actually quite shag since each quiz covers like 2-3 topics so thats around 300 quetsions in prep for the quiz). But with the test bank, i pretty much crushed the other 2 quizzes.

Heavy weighage finals (55%). I had like 1 week plus to study for it so way way way more than enough time. I think 2-3 full day revision will be sufficient already. Go fast for the finals. Questions were not hard. Just a tedious and long paper. Many people didn’t complete the paper aka throwing away marks. Like i mentioned earlier, this mod is easier than ACC1002 so one definitely has to get their answers right since bell curve is gonna be steep.

Expected grade: B+/A-
Actual grade: A

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