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NUS Business Module Review: BSN3703/MNO2009 Entrepreneurial Strategy

Individual Assignment: 42.5%
Project, Presentation & Poster: 42.5%
Class Part: 15%

This mod is not fluff. It is actually a useful mod. Everything is in theory but most of them are really applicable to real life. Mod is very assignment and project based. Super heavy weightage. Pls put in effort for the individual assignment because the 42.5% doesnt break down to smaller components. Its 1 x 42.5%. I picked a question that required interviewing entrepreneurs so i thought it stood out more.

Group project requires the group to come up with a new product that is viable for the market it intends to compete it. Quite fluff but it turned out to be quite fun. My initial thoughts for our product was actually quite cui but somehow our team was one of the first to get $$ from investors during the poster session. Important to pick good team mates: i had pretty decent one.

Expected grade: A
Actual grade: A

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