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NUS Business Module Review: BSP1702 / BSP1004 Legal Environment of Business

Participation: 30%
Group Project: 20%
Finals: 50%

Biz law what everyone calls it. A lot of people found this manageable, but i personally found this to be quite a challenging mod. I think its because people have a different understanding of how hard this mod can actually get. I understand the content of the mod, but its the application of the content into the questions that is actually hard. I think a lot of my peers feel like understanding the content = manageable.

Class part is 30% which is really heavy!! 30% of your grades is dependent on how u perform in class. So its time to bring out the extrovert part of you into class. My prof is really kind. He doesnt believe in aggressive class part (in which people can keep raising hands repeated times to answer questions). My prof will go by the name list and pick people to answer his questions (for a mod i found to be quite hard, i thank the prof for being so nice haha).

The group project is really quite simple. Its to complete that week’s tutorial (this part confirm can full marks) and also review on a contract case. I felt my group was relatively capable. We found a good case to work on and we completed the work in 1 day. We did really well / almost perfect for our group project (so yay to 20%!).

Finals is 50% really heavy. 2 questions, 2 hours. Each question is almost a page long. Its basically a story/summary of some people breaking laws and shit. The hard part is to identify the key issues of the questions and then throwing in the content related to the key issues. The exams is open book, meaning you can bring in anything into the exams hall, including your own notes and other shit. But honestly the textbook for this mod is good enough. Like i said, the hard part is identifying the key issues, which i think a lot of people dont understand in the severity of it. Once u identify the wrong key issues, it means throwing in the wrong content and it will result in 0 marks. So as long as the first step is right, things will usually flow because the content is in the textbook (this is provided you know your textbook well enough because its 200 over pages haha). I felt the finals was easier than past year papers. There were a lot of key issues to pluck out which means you got to write really really fast to complete the paper. I heard a lot of people missed out on some key issues and didnt complete. I managed to complete the paper 2 min before timeout. Quite lucky it was a easy paper- the key issues were easier to identify. Relatively manageable mod if your language is good and your analysis and issue identification is good.

Expected grade: B/B+
Actual grade: A-

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