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NUS Business Module Review: BSP1703 / BSP1005 Managerial Economics

Problem Sets: 20%
Case Presentations: 10%
Class Participation: 10%
Finals: 60%

Very easy module. If you took H2 econs before this should be a breeze. A little bit of theory and math, overall very easy to understand. They include game theory towards the end which is really fun.

Problem sets are basically tutorial homework every 2 weeks. Its a group effort so its pretty easy game.

Case presentation is for one of the problem sets and it is also a group thing. Class

Participation is more of like attendance, just turn up for classes and sign off will do.

Finals is super heavy weightage. Make sure you study and know the content well. It is not really very time constrained but make sure you don’t make any careless mistake and you will do just fine!

Expected grade: A-/A
Actual grade: A-

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