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NUS Business Module Review: BSP2005 Asian Business Environments

Pre-lecture Assessments: 25%
In-lecture Polls: 5%
Group Presentation: 20%
Tutorial and Lecture Participation: 20%
Finals: 30%

Fluff mod, ang moh prof with a lot of work experience but cannot teach la bro. Most people don’t know what the prof is teaching also. Assessments just ask around and discuss before submitting, should be able to get full marks.

Turn up for lecture or at least get your friends to help you do the polls so you get the 5%.

Group presentation is the standard kind of presentation in nus, almost everyone will get the same score throughout the cohort.

Class participation is quite competitive during tutorial so try to speak as early in the tutorial as possible.

Finals is very content heavy. You need to study in order to do well. Basically, memorize as much as possible and then vomit everything during finals. Consists of mcq and structured answers.

Expected gradeA-
Actual grade: A-

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