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NUS Business Module Review: BSP2701 / BSP2001 Global Economy

Tutorial Assignments and Presentation: 25%
Mid Terms: 25%
Finals: 50%

Hard mod. I found this way harder than bsp1005. Maybe because the prof didn’t teach it well and the content is harder to understand.

Basically the assignments are the tutorial homework, it is a group thing so just make sure your group discuss and make sure everything is correct before submitting.

Midterms is 25 questions so 1 question is 1% of the final grade, not too hard but easy to make careless, make sure you study for it.

Finals is quite hard, 50 questions for 50%. By the end of the sem, a lot of people will be super lost in this module and just leave it to fate during the finals. I was expecting a really bad grade because i was one of these people.

Expected grade: B-
Actual grade: B

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