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NUS Business Module Review: DAO1704 / DSC1007 Decision Analytics Using Spreadsheets

Group Report: 10%
Group Presentation: 5%
Class Discussion: 15%
Quiz: 10%
Group Assignment: 10%
finals: 50%

Very math and excel based. If you like stats from h2 math you will definitely enjoy and sail through this module. Finals has a high weightage and you need to fully understand the content and on top of that, practice loads of paper before going for the finals. Time is usually very tight. A lot of people plan to SU this mod so the bell curve is not too steep!

There are weekly quizzes in class which are not too hard as long as you study for them.

Group project can be on any topic as long as you use what is taught in class. The prof likes something creative and fresh (as with all profs).

Class discussion is basically class part, you got to speak up in class every week and you will be fine!

Expected grade: A
Actual grade: A

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