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NUS Business Module Review: DAO2702 / DSC2008 Programming for Business Analytics

2 x Tutorial Assignments: 20%
Group Project (Report and Presentation): 20%
Class Participation: 20%
Finals: 40%

This mod is very cheem. Even for someone who spec in DSC, i found this mod hard to understand. Almost everyone taking this mod will find this really hard to understand. Luckily for them, this mod can SU, so the bell curve is really not steep at all.

The assignments are quite general in nature so you can extend it in any way you want to. Ask around and discuss with your peers, should be able to score quite well.

Group project is based on what is taught in the module. If your team mates plan to su and don’t turn up for lecture, you prepare to tank for them.

Just ask questions during each tutorial and you will get the class part and sign your attendance!

Finals is open book but as long as you study, you won’t really need to refer to the notes and lecture notes. Questions can be quite tricky and will sieve out those who study and those who don’t

Expected grade: A-
Actual grade: A-

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