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NUS Business Module Review: DAO2703 / DSC2006 Operations and Technology Management

Class Participation: 10%
Mid Terms: 30%
Finals: 60%

Easiest of mod of my semester. I love this mod. Everything of this mod makes sense. This module is essentially about how systems works. Not the kind of like engineering systems or like machine systems of whatever. Its like the general operation managements of a situation. For example, it teaches us why a queue form. How to estimate how long a queue will get. How to resolve a queuing problem. Newspaper boy problem. Its really a very interesting and exciting module that i look forward to even though the lectures was 4-6pm every week.

Class participation is 10% which is accounted for during tutorials. My prof was a little weird. He would ask for people to volunteer for the hard questions, which were really hard. I would volunteer to check if my solutions were right, somehow the solutions would never be the most optimised one- so he would consider my presentation wrong. And he will base it on my wrong solutions and mark my class part… zzz… so if you got an easy question (like really really simple ones) and you present it correctly, you get full marks for it. So i got below average marks for class part.

Mid terms is 30%. 30 MCQ in 1 hour. 1 A4 double sided cheat sheet is allowed. Can be printed. The mid terms is a little tricky but i managed to spot all the traps and stuff. A lot of people left the exams hall early because they completed the paper before time was up (bad choice guys, never leave the exam halls early no matter how confident you are). Keep checking your answers and re-read the questions to make sure you understand the system fully. I did well for my mid terms:)

Finals 60%. 60 mcq, 2 hours. 1 a4 cheatsheet allowed and can be printed too. Its basically like times 2 of mid terms but this time a lot more tricky. A lot people found it ok, but for people that understand the mod well, they will know that the paper is tricky. Options available are very deceiving and one will have to re-read to get a better understanding of what the question is actually asking. I felt good for my finals. My cheatsheet was 70% theory and 30% formulas, and i thank myself for stuffing in so much theory. I felt i did well for my finals too (even though i never got to see the actual score). I thought a was possible but i scored an eventual a-, i really felt im damn damn damn close to an a and i think it was the stupid and retarded class part that pulled me down. Arghhh

Expected grade: A-/A
Actual grade: A-

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