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NUS Business Module Review: DOS3702 / DSC3202 Purchasing And Materials Management

Individual Assignment: 20%
Group Assignment: 20%
Mid Term: 30%
Group Project: 30%

Fluff mod, ‘blackhole of fluff’. I have been warned. Combination of both theory and formulas, but i hardly learnt anything from this mod, im sorry prof, but i dont think im the only one who thinks like that.

Get good team mates. I managed to get really good team mates such that even when i was hospitalised and immobile, things were still rolling. Thanks guys.

Midterms is important: i think its the determining factor for the final grade since the other components’ mark differentiation is minimal.

Group project was actually quite fun, it was based on budgeting and forecasting using some paid platform which was pretty interactive.

Individual assignment must aim for full marks, not hard at all.

Expected grade: B+
Actual grade: A-

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