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NUS Business Module Review: DOS3703 / DSC3203 Service Operations Management

Individual Assignment: 10%
Group Unusual Business Presentation: 10%
Group Guesstimation Assignment: 10%
Group Service Project Report & Presentation: 20%
Finals: 50%

Best mod this sem. Hands down. Everything taught is so applicable to real life. Engineering prof teaching a biz mod. No fluff whatsoever. 100% math and excel based but not hard at all. Definitely easier than dsc1007 and dsc2008. Somewhat similar to dsc2006.

All the individual and group assignment projects are not going to differentiate the curve much.

Everything boils down to the finals. Questions are not hard, just long and tedious. Many people did not complete the paper aka throwing marks away. Questions are not hard so its a must to get everything correct. Prof provided snacks after the finals. Hopefully can take other mods under him next time.

Expected grade: A/A+
Actual grade: A

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