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NUS Business Module Review: DOS4714/DSC4211G Service Design

Homework and Cases: 25%
Quizzes: 15%
In-class Exercises: 10%
Group Project: 40%
Participation: 10%

Content heavy module. Good prof with practical and realistic project. You get to work with mbs for the group project, a total of 3 project submissions with the final submission and presentation to mbs staff themselves.

There are quizzes almost every week in class, but not hard at all.

Participation is based on impression and attendance so speak up in class. There are about 3 homework/cases during the sem which are not too hard either.

Everything is really manageable except that there are stuff to do every week. The requirements for the projects are pretty demanding so start early!

Expected grade: A-
Actual grade: A-

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