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NUS Business Module Review: DOS4811 / DSC4215 Data Visualization

Class Participation: 10%
Individual and Group Assignments: 40%
Mid Terms: 20%
Final Group Project: 30%

Very heavy workload and content module. After all its a 4k mod. Class part dont need to talk, everyone will almost always get the same score.

The individual assignment is broken down into 3 parts: 3%, 7% and 15%. All of which are different assignments with different requirements. The last 15% is group assignment. All of them takes some time, read carefully into the requirement so you know exactly what the prof wants.

Mid terms is though. 85% of the cohort failed mid terms. I got 9.5/20 and i am top 15 percentile already. His questions are very practical and not really based on what he teach. Focus more on the application of what is taught in class.

Final group project is based on any topic the group decides to do. Focus on using the data effectively and presenting it in ways he taught and beyond that. As mentioned earlier, content is quite heavy and workload is heavy as well. But we get to learn tableau which might be useful in the future.

Expected grade: A
Actual grade: A

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