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NUS Business Module Review: DOS4812 / DSC4216 Business Driven Technology

Personal Learning Essay: 30%
Class Discussion/Essay: 10%
Final Group Project: 60%

This is the most useless DSC mod i ever taken. The prof cannot teach. The content he teaches is outdated. He held a lot of high ranking positions in companies previously and currently he is still holding some of these positions. But when it comes to teaching and bringing good content and value to the class: he cmi. He brings you to NLB because last time he is some director there but actually the technology used there is so cmi.

Personal learning essay is basically what you learnt from the entire module. Why do we need to write a summary of what we learnt for you to read when you are teaching the class? Help la.

Class discussion is basically attendance and maybe speaking up in class.

Group project is the lamest. Can pick any topic. You can put in so much effort to research on the topic and come up with the most innovative solution but if his outdated thoughts cannot keep up with your research, he isnt going to understand and that also means you wont be getting a good grade. Its a super slack module but its hard to grasp what he wants exactly in order to do well.

Expected grade: A-/B+
Actual grade: B

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