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NUS Business Module Review: FIN4761A / FIN4112G Private Equity

Class Participation: 20%
Case Study (Group): 20%
Case Study (Individual): 10%
Financial Model Exercise: 10%
Group Project: 40%

One of the best modules to take for the FIN specialisation. If you are gearing up for a job in investment banking, be sure to take this module as it will equip you with the basics. You can expect to learn about the world of Venture Capitalists and Private Equities. Over the course of the module, it will cover fundraising methods, deal sourcing, due diligence, financials and valuation, as well as Mergers and Acquisitions.

The great thing about this module is that there are no exams! However, it goes to show the importance of doing the case studies and group projects well. Get access to projects and presentations we provide to refer to! The project reports will be a total lifesaver! Land your hands also on our excel sheet for the financial model exercise!

Expected grade: A-
Actual grade: A-

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