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NUS Business Module Review: FIN4761D / FIN4112L Family Business & Wealth Management

Class Participation: 30%
Individual Report: 20% (For 4 case studies)
Group Project: 20%
Finals: 30%

One of the most interesting modules I’ve taken for the Finance Specialization. In this module, you will learn about family businesses and succession planning. It also covers other aspects of the corporation such as designing the ownership and control structure, and corporate governance.

It is a total lifesaver to get your hands on our individual report samples as you won’t have to read the compulsory readings! FYI – this mod requires you to read case studies to attempt the report. So spare yourself the agony by referencing what we have done 🙂 Same goes to the group project!

As for finals, you are allowed to take in a cheat sheet which is provided in our package! Use that as your main reference and you are good to go.

Expected grade: A
Actual grade: A

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