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NUS Business Module Review: MKT1705 / MKT1003 Principles of Marketing

Subject Pool: 10%
Group Case: 15%
Case Competition: 20%
Class Participation: 30%
Quiz: 25%

Fluff mod. Anyhow talk in class and spray your ideas and the prof might actually like it. Subject pool just attend and everyone will get full marks.

During my sem, there were actually 2 projects: group case and case competition. Basically try to understand and find out what marketing ideas will please your prof in order to do well. It really varies from prof to prof, what we thought will please the prof turned out otherwise.

Class participation is super heavy so must must must talk once every week at least.

Though its a fluff mod, finals still must study in order to do well!

Expected grade: B+
Actual grade: B

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