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NUS Business Module Review: MKT3402 / MKT3702 Consumer Behaviour

Class Participation: 20%
Consumer Insights Individual Assignments: 20%
Final Test: 30%
Group Field Project: 30%

Interesting module to learn about the psychological factors behind consumer buying behaviour. It gives good insights to how a customer think, choose, consume and evaluate a product – and this basically forms the foundation to business success in many organizations. You will also learn about marketing strategies to tailor to different target markets. 

Overall, a very fun-filled module to take as you will be deep-diving into many case studies to learn how other companies do their marketing well. The individual assignments comprise an Observational Study, Case Brief on Starbucks, Mobile Shopping and an Article Review. All these can be found within our package! Field Project is pretty tedious so highly recommended to reference past projects for greater efficiency in spending your time! 

Expected grade: A
Actual grade: A

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