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NUS Business Module Review: MNO1706 / MNO1001 Organisational Behaviour

Class Participation: 30%
Individual Project & Presentation: 30%
Group Project & Presentation: 30%
Subject Pool: 10%

This is the fluffiest mod in semester 1. Fluff has the similar meaning of smoke. Smoking means like talking crap that somewhat makes sense arh. This mod teaches you how to manage a team, different teamwork models. Basically how to manage a team when we become a manager next time. I think the content that is taught differs greatly prof to prof. My prof did not really stick to the syllabus. Textbook was not compulsory (which is fantastic haha).

Class part is 30% so its time to open your damn mouth and start talking. I can safely say no one has an prior knowledge of this mod and so its a fair playing field. So even if you fluff, people wont understand and wont judge you for fluffing because they probably don’t know more than you and the people around you. . Individual project and presentation is basically a research of an assigned topic and then present it to the class.

Group presentation was quite interesting. We were kinda quite solo for a group project, only piecing our ideas quite late into the project, but our idea was really freaking awesome and i think we were the most interesting group compared to the rest of the class, incorporating videos, acting and props into our presentation. Our content was legit good also. Overall, very fluff mod, relaxing mod, just prep for class a little and go in to class and fluff!

Expected grade: B+/A-
Actual grade: A-

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