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NUS Business Module Review: MNO2705 / MNO2007 Leadership and Decision Making under Uncertainty

Class Part: 30%
Leadership Moment Project: 20%
Group Project & Presentation: 20%
Finals: 30%

Super fluff mod. One of the fluffiest mod in nus biz. Like the psi in the sectionals room is like 400 every single time i go for class. Class part is split into 2: class contribution in the actual class and 3x 1 page report submitted throughout the semester. Airtime to speak in class is precious af. Everyone is competitive and wants to talk. So raise 2 hands and catch the prof’s attention.

Leadership moment project: basically come up with a ‘real life’ story and try to explain some leadership value based on the story. Just spam as much leadership theory as possible (even those not taught in class, just google and fluff).

Group project: every group will have 4 weeks to prep for it. Everything boils down to the presentation so pls make good slides and dress well for it.

Finals is the only time one will have to study for this mod so like just spend 3 days to prep and memorise everything and dump into 2 essay questions.

Expected grade: A-
Actual grade: A+

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