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NUS Business Module Review: MNO2706 Business Communication for Leaders (ACC)

What it’s about: Introduction to business communication and how it will be like in the real world. Covers a broad range of topics including communicating using stories and writing a resume and cover letter.

Assignment workload: Other than the “required” readings, there is no assignment for this module. The key allocations of marks are for your individual presentation and group project so you may want to focus more on that.

Thoughts about the tutor: She is an excellent professor. Since she comes from industry, she brings in a substantial amount of experience in business communication. She also shares with us personal stories regarding personal communication to make the lesson more interactive and interesting. She is also very well-versed with her content and can mix the content and her real-life experiences to come up with very enjoyable 3-hour seminars for us. At least for me, I found the lessons to be very enjoyable and interesting.

Personal presentation: This was about resolving a problem a company has by trying to convince them that there is light at the end of the tunnel and trying to raise positivity and encourage employees. Personally, I am not very good at presentation and the nerves got the better of me during the presentation but I felt it was a rather enriching experience.

Project Drama: The quality of my group was on point for this mod. We met up during recess week to discuss the group project. After allocating the work, we did our individual parts and consolidated the report within 2 weeks. A 15-page report within 2 weeks is certainly quite amazing. The slides were done by me again and it took about a week. Smooth sailing and with a few rehearsals, we nailed the report and the 15- minutes presentation!

Readings: Little to none. There are some readings of different newspaper articles and other information sources like TED Talks that are provided but they are not mandatory. It is good for supplementing your general knowledge about communication, but not so much about course content.

Final Thoughts: Overall, I had a very good experience with this mod. Although the content is a bit too “fluff” to my liking, I really enjoyed the mod due to the way it was delivered, as well as the great amount of information given to us to help us in our journey towards self-improvement.

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