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NUS Business Module Review: MNO3701 / MNO2302 Human Capital Management

Learning Contribution: 20%
Individual Assignment: 25%
Group Presentation: 25%
Finals: 30%

Quite a fluff mod, though you really got to study the content to do well for finals. Like there is a different between good and bad fluff.

Learning contribution is basically class participation in class. Just speak something legit in class every week can already.

Individual assignment is quite easy, pick an article and comment on it using content taught in class.

Group presentation was alright, though the groups formed are huge so its harder to coordinate with everyone. A lot of exchange kids this class, bell curve is not steep at all and probably will be able to do well.

Finals is 2 essay questions, max of 2 pages per question, need to study for it so you can answer the question based on how the prof wants it.

Expected grade: A
Actual grade: A-

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